It's time to start getting the 2019 Dinner Auction word out! click on the Buttons above for the forms and letters. 

Many businesses limit the number of items they donate by month, so get our DATE to them as soon as possible.

The DA Item Donation Form can be given to a business with or without the Item Request Cover Letter, but if the business is not familiar with INWM, it provides useful information PLUS it shows the DA date prominently.

Please sign the cover letter with your name & phone number so the business can ask questions.

BE PREPARED to make multiple follow-up visits and/or phone calls. Follow-ups are painful but can result in a donation. Try to get an item rather than a gift certificate, but we can use whatever you can get! Please review the Solicitation Instructions before visiting businesses, this will help with tips for presenting our request.

THANK YOU for helping make the DA a success!!


Sunday, April 28, 2019


March 14, WCS at Hermiston Community Center Hermiston OR

May 2,  INWO at Wallowa School, Wallowa OR



June 13 Mandatory Rehearsal

June 14 Possible Reunion Dinner

June 15 Mandatory Rehearsal

June 16 Reunion Concert

More information regarding the Reunion Concert and Special Commissioned Work for Orchestra and Chorale by  composer Larry Groupe’ will be posted at a later date.

 Item 1. Dinner Auction

 Item 2. Young Artist's Competition

 Item 3 Young People's Concerts

Page updated Mar 1, 2019


20th Anniversary Celebration



MARCH 10, 2019  Young Artist Competition – Hermiston, Oregon